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Yet Richards would probably be willing to rest his main argument on the contention that value is a quantitative mat- ter and that, if the psychologist does not yet know how to make the measurements required, it is at least well to know what has to be measured. He lived in the full tide of a philosophical, no less than a poetic, revival. The second question is also serious: Are we not bound to receive these views when they are advanced, not by rationalists, but by Christians, and not by ordinary Christians, but by men of superior and unchallengeable scholarship?

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The Literary Remains of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Volume 2

Joseph Conrad

The Intellectuals and the Masses: Pride and Prejudices among the Literary Intelligentsia, 1880-1939

Theodor Storm: The Writer as Democratic Humanitarian (Monographs in German Literature)

This is par for the course for Matthew and this sort of subtle editing of Mark is a recurring feature, so, as tantalizing as it is to consider Mark last, and very very radical, it would seem that this sort of radicalism is just a curious literary artifact given the way the church departed from the low Christology of Mark Interpretations of Life: A Survey of Contemporary Literature: The Lives and Opinions of Some Major Authors of Our Time Divisions between the schools were not clear cut, and there was little of the acrimony and technical elaboration that now characterizes literary criticism. But academic criticism did become more specialized and remote, and to cater for a self-educating middle class there sprang up literary journalism, which continues, somewhat attenuated, to the present day online. Sidney again raises the issue of poetry's relationship to philosophy and history. How does Sidney's response compare to that of the classical literary critics? Which classical critic does Sidney seem most similar to? Try to identify as many rhetorical figures as you can in Sidney's sonnets. Johnson, Preface to Shakespeare (NAEL 1.2725-2735). What parts of Johnson's response to Shakespeare do you agree with, and which parts do you disagree with (and why) ref.: The Sacred Game: The Role of the Sacred in the Genesis of Modern Literary Fiction Hamlet's "Mousetrap" is very much concerned with how audiences respond to drama, in particular. How does Shakespeare's dramatization of audience response square with Horace's principles? Look at Claudius's response to the Mousetrap carefully--how do you imagine this response to be dramatized on the stage El Inquisidor Mayor In the Book of Genesis itself compare further the 10 members from Shem to Abraham ( 11:11-26 ), as also the pericopes 25:19 -35:29; 37:2 -50:26 (see III, 2, 8, 10 below), and the 10 nations in Genesis 15:19. And just as in the cases cited, in almost every instance, there is to be found a further division into 5 X 2 or 2 X 5 (compare, e.g. the two tables of the Decalogue); thus, too, in the Book of Genesis in each case, 5 of the 10 pericopes are more closely combined, since I-V (toledhoth of Shem inclusive) stand in a more distant, and VI-X (treating of the toledhoth of Terah, or the history of Abraham) in a closer connection with the kingdom of God; and in so far, too, as the first series of toledhoth bring into the foreground more facts and events, but the second series more individuals and persons Literature on Byzantine Art 1892-1967: By Location (Dumbarton Oaks Bibliographies/Volume 1) download epub.

Cixous here makes a leap from the maternal body to the female body in general; she also leaps from that female body to female sexuality, saying that female sexuality, female sexual pleasure, feminine jouissance, is unrepresentable within the phallogocentric Symbolic order" ( Dr , cited: Latin literature read online In his introduction to his History of English Literature (1864), Taine explains his new, scientific approach to literature. "It was perceived that a literary work is not a mere individual play of imagination, the isolated caprice of an excited brain, but a transcript of contemporary manners, a manifestation of 104 Taine 105 a certain kind of mind , source: The New Historicism download pdf. In their junior or senior year, depending on their major, students choose from a range of courses designed to prepare them for their capstone experience. Advanced research seminar courses enable students to reflect critically on art, design, and visual practices as they relate to sustainability, politics, and social justice Carol Anne Duffy and Liz read pdf

The Peirce Seminar Papers: An Annual of Semiotic Analysis, Volume 2

Her analysis focuses on the social construction of Woman as the Other. This de Beauvoir identifies as fundamental to women's oppression Jocelyn download for free He could not be in two places at once; making a living for his family on the street, and staying at home to see that no harm befell them” (31). Certainly gendered divisions of labor were the norm in Victorian society and it was considered a woman’s profession—her employment—to take care of the home and children Scenes from the Marriage of read epub Dika contrasts Beckman’s film with the Disney version where “Cinderella transforms herself into a commodity: she is beautiful, well dressed, compliant, and is therefore marriageable, i.e., marketable. An important lesson in capitalist society, this example demonstrates one cultural function of popular narrative: to provide a structure through which questions or conflicts within a society can be answered or explained … Theatre for Women's Participation in Sustainable Development (Routledge Studies in Sustainable Development) Theatre for Women's Participation in. But more than alleviating psychic fears they also “prescribe approved cultural paradigms which ease the female’s assimilation into the adult community.” Stepmothers and bad fairies invariably appear odious and personify predatory female sexuality Hung Lou Meng Book II: Or the Dream of the Red Chamber a Chinese Novel read epub. Eliot distinguishes between the poet who creates a philosophy for himself, and the poet who takes over one that he finds to hand, and advances the view that the latter course is better, or at least safer, for most poets. The distinction is fundamentally a distinction between the practice of the thematic poets of the low mimetic and of the ironic modes. Such poets as Blake, Shelley, Goethe, and Victor Hugo were compelled by the conventions of their mode to present the conceptual aspect of their imagery as self-generated; the poets of the last century have different conventions and different compulsions Coming to Terms: download online Capucci quoted in . 2. Just prior to undressing, Paolo had made eye contact with a younger man at Milan Station whom he seemed to be going to follow into the gents’ lavatories. Instead, he undresses himself and runs off, arguably preparing himself for the Visitor, in whom are combined the twin attractions of religion and homosexuality. 3 The Indebtedness of Chaucer'S Troilus and Criseyde to Guido Delle Colonne'S Historia Trojana, Volume 4 The Indebtedness of Chaucer'S Troilus.

Ken Saro-Wiwa And Mosop: The Story and Revelation

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Tomorrow's Parties: Sex and the Untimely in Nineteenth-Century America (America and the Long 19th Century)

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De Quincey's Romanticism: Canonical Minority and the Forms of Transmission (Cambridge Studies in Romanticism)

Joachim du Bellay: "The Regrets," with "The Antiquities of Rome," Three Latin Elegies, and "The Defense and Enrichment of the French Language." A Bilingual Edition

A Study of Literature for Readers and Critics

Mocking the Age: The Later Novels of Philip Roth (SUNY series in Modern Jewish Literature and Culture)

Octopussy, Dry Kidney & Blue Spots - dirty themes from 18-19c japanese poems

Miguel De Cervantes (Bloom's Modern Critical Views)

Sade: Queer Theorist

Alejo Carpentier (Twayne's World Authors Series)

Baudelaire Judged by Spanish Critics, 1857-1957

The Invisible Mender

These norms involve the relative importance of variety of discourse strategies to communicate normative information and to reinforce discourse. Yet, even though girls obtain normative information about romantic love, they do not always abide by feeling and expression norms. Instead, they sometimes respond to these norms with resistance and defy them intentionally Regency Radical: Selected download here Cf. psychoanalytical criticism. —Freudian, n., adj. genre criticism a critical approach, doctrine, or technique that emphasizes, in evaluating a work, the genre or medium in which it can be placed rather than seeing it entirely as an autonomous entity. hypercriticism the practice of unreasonable or unjustly severe criticism; faultfinding. —hypercritic, n., adj. —hypercritical, adj Poetic Process (Texts and download pdf Poetic Process (Texts and Contexts). The relation of innocence and experience to apocalyptic and demonic imagery illustrates an aspect of displacement which we have so far said little about: displacement in the direction of the moral The two dialectical structures are, radically, the desirable and the undesirable , e.g. Shakespeare and the Confines download for free Shakespeare and the Confines of Art. Tragedy is ranked highest among plays because its characters ire kings and princes, as well as because Aristotle's Poetics dis- missed this genre most fully. The plot is based upon the activi- :ies of kings the affairs of state, fortress, and camp says Scali- *er pdf. Pp. 75-98. [Discusses limitations of Propp’s system of analysis to suggest a less constrictive and more fruitful approach, namely, the understanding of the tales through oppositions, an approach that works especially well in dealing with family structures in the narratives The Science of Poetry and the Philosophy of Language. SIGNED by author The Science of Poetry and the Philosophy. It is not so much that the author produces his text as that the text “produces itself” through the author.’ (MLC, p. 83) There are many indications in Eagleton’s work that he has been tempted along this road. Not only does he write of the ‘spurious belief that the truth of a text resides in the consciousness of its author’ [5]; he adopts formulations which seem to liquidate the individual writer completely: The phrase ‘George Eliot’ signifies nothing more than the insertion of certain ideological determinations – Evangelical Christianity, rural organicism, incipient feminism, petty-bourgeois moralism – into a hegemonic ideological formation which is partly supported, partly embarrassed by their presence.’ (CI, p. 113) But if no space is to be found for the individual intention, then the question of revolutionary artistic practice can be postponed to the millennium; only the revolution will make revolutionary art possible, rather than revolutionary art helping pave the way for the revolution The Dispossessed State: Narratives of Ownership in Nineteenth-Century Britain and Ireland download here. They claim that these isolated nation states are now being eroded in a global process: it includes the formation of the neoliberals claimed 'market of nations' , source: The Mediated Muse: English download epub download epub. Tolstoy: Alymer Maude (What Is Art? and Essays on Art, London, 1938). Rothwell (Laughter: an Essay on the Meaning of the Comic, London, 191 1 ). Collingwood ("Aesthetics," Encyclopaedia Britannica, 14^1 ed., New York, 1929), and A , source: Scandalous Knowledge: Science, Truth, and the Human (Science and Cultural Theory) Scandalous Knowledge: Science, Truth,.

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