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By Howard Greenfeld

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It was, however, a hard and cold winter. There was no money to buy pillow and piling blankets. coal, and Picasso all his slept using clothing on top of him in place of His paintings changed radically, too. vivid color disappeared, to be replaced Instead of reflecting the gaiety of — sad The life, by Manach was angry; far more All the a cold blue. these pictures portraits of society's outcasts, the suffering lonely. were books for a were and the his protege's latest paintings difficult to sell than the lively joyful ones.

Everything seemed to go wrong; even the sausages they bought with were popped when put so old that they The two a few pennies in hot water, They moved to a new room, but didn't even have enough money to buy candles to enable Picasso to work at night. Picasso was selling revealing nothing but empty skin. nothing; he even burned his watercolors to provide a small amount of heat It was and he put at night. clear that he all his might pay the covered The to return to Barcelona, efforts into selling fare.

Him suffered, his appear- which was topped by an turned into a nonconformist in live in artist's hat. this society such was no longer acceptable. Especially bitter words came from the uncle who had helped him in the past. In addition, Casagemas' depression signs of abating, so there last much showed no seemed to be no reason to stay on. Madrid was the next Casagemas for the so stop, and there Picasso saw time, for the latter's poor spirits continued, and he returned to Paris where shortly there- 50 The Frugal Art Repast, 1904.

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