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By Akira Yoshizawa

Книга известного японского мастера, посвященная изготовлению фигурок животных из бумаги в технике оригами. Все модели сопровождаются подробными инструкциями по изготовлению.

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UeSfiOliS Chordates show between Chordates :md higher ,lIltPN"H',"' Chordata » An Introduction Type QUllstions L 2. and Gnulhostomala, Protochordata and Tetrapoda. Write short notes Hemichordatn, slits, Phnryngenl ChQice Questiolls Which of this (a) A dorsal longitudinal <",,,,f),rti tHY A series of phnryngeal (d) Diploblastic 5. doubtful chordates The endoskeleton structure the muddy present in all chordates? < a bac,kbo:ne (b) Urochordata 14. 15. 9. ANSWERS 2. 7. 8. Cd) 9. (b) 15. 1. an for convenience of the the the retained here a chordate includes a small group of and genus is class genera are Phylum Subphylum Class Family Type Enteropneusta Ptychoderidae was of collar from the 16 ] numerous intestinal trunk.

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