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By Gyles Daubeney Brandreth

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What isn't obvious, however, is how you draw straight lines across the circle to divide it into 11 areas, each with only one dot inside it, and no area without a dot. Can you divide the circle in this way? ) 51 TORICAL CONTEXTS A ROYAL LINE You might be forgiven for blanching when asked to remember all the kings and queens of England back to William I, especially when there are eight Edwards, six Georges and eight Henries to contend with. To help you and conveniently forgetting what happened before Duke William landed in 1066, here's a traditional mnemonic that will give them to you in their correct order and with their post-nominal numbers.

Parliamentary elections haven't always been such dull affairs either, Even as recently as the early years of the nineteenth century a voter could be sure of getting more from his candidate than a few well-rehearsed platitudes about the economy and the local by-pass. Once upon a time you got real value for your vote. This is the candidate's bill from just one small pot-house in IIchester, Somerset, showing the cost of one day on the hustings - such a good day in fact that the calculation leaves something to be desired!

It actually goes in to it 432169 times. You can use seven, 11 and 13 in an entertaining division trick too. All you need is a three-digit number, anything from 100 to 999. You then make this a six digit-number by repeating the three digits in the same order and divide it first by seven, then by 11 and finally 53 by 13. And the result? You'll end up with the number you began with. This is how it works: a) Start with 456. b) Make it a six-digit number 456456. c) Divide by 7 to make 65208. d) Divide this by 11 to make 5928.

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