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By John Coates, Peter Schneider, R. Sujatha, Otmar Venjakob

The algebraic recommendations built through Kakde will in all likelihood lead finally to significant development within the research of congruences among automorphic types and the most conjectures of non-commutative Iwasawa thought for lots of causes. Non-commutative Iwasawa conception has emerged dramatically during the last decade, culminating within the fresh evidence of the non-commutative major conjecture for the Tate intent over a wholly genuine p-adic Lie extension of a host box, independently by means of Ritter and Weiss at the one hand, and Kakde at the different. The preliminary rules for giving an actual formula of the non-commutative major conjecture have been came upon by means of Venjakob, and have been then systematically constructed within the next papers by means of Coates-Fukaya-Kato-Sujatha-Venjakob and Fukaya-Kato. there has been additionally parallel comparable paintings during this course by means of Burns and Flach at the equivariant Tamagawa quantity conjecture. consequently, Kato came across an enormous suggestion for learning the K_1 teams of non-abelian Iwasawa algebras by way of the K_1 teams of the abelian quotients of those Iwasawa algebras. Kakde's evidence is a gorgeous improvement of those principles of Kato, mixed with an concept of Burns, and basically reduces the examine of the non-abelian major conjectures to abelian ones. The strategy of Ritter and Weiss is extra classical, and in part encouraged through thoughts of Frohlich and Taylor. considering that a few of the principles during this publication may still finally be appropriate to different causes, one in every of its significant goals is to supply a self-contained exposition of a few of the most normal topics underlying those advancements. the current quantity can be a priceless source for researchers operating in either Iwasawa thought and the speculation of automorphic kinds.

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P; a; Q/ 7! P / ŒQ=sQ: For more general localizing sets S , the isomorphisms are a little more subtle and proceed via the Euler characteristic. 5. Given a bounded chain complex C W 0 ! Cm ! C0 ! C / of C is defined to be the element †. C / D †. C / D 0: In the general case, the isomorphisms in (7) are fleshed out using the Euler characteristic map. P; a; Q/ to the complex a Œ0 ! P ! Q ! R/ for a ring R. There are various (equivalent) definitions though checking the equivalence involves several technicalities and is hence beyond the scope of these lectures.

S/ denote the imprimitive L-function associated to with the Euler factors at the primes in † being removed. 1 (MAIN CONJECTURE). G/S / such that @. F1 =F / is the complex defined above, and such that for any Artin character of G and any positive integer r divisible by the extension degree ŒF1 . F1 =F /. ÄFr / D L† . ; 1 r/; where Ä is the cyclotomic character. F1 =F / is called a p-adic zeta function for the extension F1 =F . It depends on the finite set † but we shall suppress this in the notation.

Let CS be the subcategory consisting of finitely generated R-modules M such that MS D 0. cit. CS / ! R/ ! CS / ! R/ ! RS / ! CS / ! R/ ! RS / ! 0: (5) To deal with a broader class of rings which do not necessarily have finite global dimension, and also to extend the above exact sequences on the left with K1 groups, we introduce the notion of the relative K-group. For more details, the reader is referred to Weibel’s book [We]. 4. Let f W R ! R0 be a ring homomorphism. P; a; Q/ as objects, where P and Q are finitely generated projective R-modules, and a is an isomorphism a a W R0 ˝R P !

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