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By Carlos Huante, Scott Robertson

It is a completely exceptional ebook containing many gigantic developements of the human . My recomendation for all to possess a duplicate, of this optimum movie artist.

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I then scanned the painting in pieces because the size of the acrylic rough is about 36”L x 24”W, maybe bigger, I’m not sure. I then assembled the pieces in Photoshop and finished the piece in Painter. The meaning: The crowd rages en masse, driven by their hatred of the truth, unbeknownst to them. They represent all of us who, before knowing Christ, are opposed to Him and His Word. Notice all the figures are deformed except Christ and the man to the right of Him, which in scripture is the one who chooses to trust in Christ.

They’ll draw great costumes but have a hard time escaping the human figure. I’m not saying that life-drawing has no value. I am saying that the bulk of training should be from drawing at home from your imagination because you love it. If you don’t love drawing or being creative then it’ll show. The work will always look substandard. Now for the design stage. Let me give you an example, when I drew concepts for the Mikey character in Men in Black, I used no reference except for what was in my head, my imagination.

There are lots of art snobs out there so don’t get discouraged. A lot of the artsy-fartsy types, as I like to call them, don’t respect what we do in production (film or animation). These are the people who appreciate a square on a blank canvas. Artists can make a good living working in film, but as far as individual expression goes, don’t expect too much. Film is a collaborative effort. It’s like being in a rock band with an egotistical guitar player and an exceptionally spoiled, lead singer. As an artist, you usually get treated like a roadie, even though as the artist you are probably the one leading the project creatively.

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