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By Bill Thompson III

From the editor of the nation’s ultimate birding journal, a no-nonsense, no-fluff quickly consultant to the birds you notice each day. 

Of all of the vintage American interests, might be none is as largely available as observing birds. Our surprisingly substantial, diversified environmental panorama helps interesting species and adaptations specific to every zone of the rustic. yet whereas birders usually spend their efforts looking for the rarest creatures, one of the most appealing and interesting birds are those that widespread our backyards (or within sight) day-by-day. hence, the place different, higher volumes concentrate on fowl varieties that the informal observer isn't prone to come across, Midwestern Birds concisely celebrates these species residing less than our very noses. Written by way of invoice Thompson III, the editor and co-publisher of Bird Watcher’s Digest, this moveable 5"x8" ebook comprises an analogous number of interesting and informative entries that make Bird Watcher’s Digest the nation’s preferred birding journal. inside of, you’ll locate profiles of the fifty five commonest birds within the Midwest, entire with huge colour pictures, gender-specific actual descriptions, nesting and feeding details, chook name details, and engaging tales approximately every one species. Thompson additionally introduces the reader to the fundamentals of chicken gazing: crucial equipment, bird-friendly nutrition and plantings, housing assistance, and observational techniques. This consultant covers Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota . Look for our different yard poultry publications masking the Mid-Atlantic, South, Northeast, and West areas of the United States.

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Downy woodpeckers probe and chisel at a tree’s bark searching for insects, insect eggs, ants, and spiders. They also eat fruits, such as sumac and poison ivy. At bird feeders, sunflower seeds, suet, peanuts, and peanut butter are favorites. They use a variety of feeder types, including hopper, tube, satellite, and suet designs. They occasionally visit hummingbird feeders for a sip of nectar. Though downies rarely nest in nest boxes, they readily use them for nighttime roosting, especially in harsh weather.

It shares the mourning dove’s pale tannish gray coloration, but where a mourning dove’s tail is long and tapered, the collared-dove’s is squared off at the end. Adults have a uniform black half-collar on the nape of the neck, which gives this species its name. The Eurasian collared-dove is a powerful, direct flyer and, when in flight, it shows obvious white patches in the tail. The bill is black and the legs are reddish. The call is a repetitive (and somewhat owl-like) who-HOO-huh, who-HOO-huh.

It seems the woodpeckers (usually males proclaiming their territories) really prefer the loud noise they can generate by hammering on metal as opposed to hammering on the wood of a tree. wHat Can I feeD or Do to attraCt It? The redbelly is an expert at excavating insects from trees using its bill as a chisel and its long, barbed tongue to extract food items. It will also eat berries, fruits, nuts, tree sap, salamanders, mice, and even small nestling birds. At bird-feeding stations, redbellies relish peanuts, suet, sunflower seeds, and cracked corn.

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