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By Olin Lauritzen

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Adelswärd and Sachs 1996, 1998; Sarangi 2000; Sarangi and Clarke 2002). In most of these areas 22 Lars-Christer Hydén and Antje Lumma the medical tasks are related to moral questions that involve the patient’s life world and most often also relatives’ lives. These new communicative needs have resulted in the emergence of new communicative technologies and ideologies, that is, new ways and norms for how doctors should communicate with patients. g. Cameron 2000; Fairclough 1992; Hochschild 1983).

The sessions took place during the course of an afternoon and started with two students meeting one patient, one student talking and one videoing the interview. After the student–patient interview, both students sat in on the patient’s regular visit to the general practitioner. The following group discussions included the collective watching of the filmed student–patient interviews accompanied by comments. Discussions were videoed. Ideology and reflexivity The medical communication taught at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Linköping University employs a communicative ideology that is based on a biopsychosocial perspective on health and illness and uses the physician’s emotional perceptions of the patient as a diagnostic source.

This involves confronting the student with increasingly difficult interview situations concerning disease severity and the patient’s social background (age, ethnic group, foreign language). As a theoretical introduction, a book on the communication model is read, and there are guidelines for the skills to be acquired during the course. These guidelines are based on the biopsychosocial model and ideology and operationalize its assumptions in the doctor–patient relationship. A holistic perspective on the communication model takes the patient’s life situation as well as his/her psychosocial background and current relationships into account.

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