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By Mikhail Ya. Marov, Aleksander V. Kolesnichenko

Space exploration and complex astronomy have dramatically improved our wisdom of outer house and made it attainable to check the indepth mechanisms underlying numerous usual phenomena because of complicated interplay of physical-chemical and dynamical techniques within the universe. large breakthroughs in astrophysics and the planetary s- ences have ended in more and more complex versions of such media as immense molecular clouds giving delivery to stars, protoplanetary accretion disks linked to the sun system’s formation, planetary atmospheres and circumplanetary house. The production of those versions used to be promoted by means of the improvement of easy ways in sleek - chanics and physics paralleled by way of the nice development within the machine sciences. accordingly, a number of multidimensional non-stationary difficulties related to the research of evolutionary tactics should be investigated utilizing wide-range numerical experiments. Turbulence belongs to the main common and, while, the main advanced normal phenomena, with regards to the starting place and improvement of prepared constructions (- dies of other scale) at a distinct circulation regime of fluids in primarily non-linear - drodynamic platforms. this is often additionally essentially the most complicated and interesting sections of the mechanics of fluids. The direct numerical modeling of turbulent flows encounters huge mathematical problems, whereas the advance of a basic turbulence thought is hardly ever attainable a result of complexity of interacting coherent buildings. three-d non-steady motions come up in this type of procedure below lack of los angeles- nar stream balance outlined through the severe price of the Reynolds number.

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In contrast to the Earth where main agents of chemical transformations are products of oxygen photolysis and nitrogen, photolysis of determines the atmospheric chemistry on other inner planets. Sulfur- and halogen-bearing compounds are also of great importance in the middle atmosphere of Venus. , 1989; Marov and Grinspoon, 1998). Together with diffusion and convective transport, these processes determine the redistribution of components in altitude and the overall thermal balance of the atmosphere.

In other words, deuterium could have been accumulated in the atmosphere as the water evaporated from the primary ocean and its molecules were dissociated by solar ultraviolet radiation. However, the ratio N(D) / N(H) mentioned above implies that the mass of the evaporated ocean would make up only a few percents of the water storage in the terrestrial oceans, which is hardly possible to assume, since Venus is a neighboring planet with a similar mass. , 1988). According to this mechanism, heavier atmospheric components are carried away jointly with hydrogen because of the high velocity of the hydrogen flux and hence no hydrogen-deuterium fractionation occurs.

TURBULENCE IN THE UPPER ATMOSPHERE OF PLANETS The upper atmosphere of a planet is defined as the outer part of its gas envelope, which is very rarefied and frequently associated with the circumplanetary outer space. A significant fraction of it is a characteristic example of a multicomponent turbulent medium. It is subjected to direct absorption of incident solar radiation and numerous chemical transformations together with the processes of heat and mass transport. Intense solar electromagnetic radiation is principally responsible for various photochemical processes such as photoionization, photodissociation, and excitation of inner degrees of freedom of atoms and molecules.

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