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By Eric Cressey

Most of the 23 million American males who raise weights achieve this to get larger; regrettably, lots of them are going nowhere with watered-down bodybuilding exercises that do not aid them truly get stronger. Eric Cressey's state-of-the-art four-phase software, that includes consistent development, version, and encouraging targets, retains you targeted on expanding power in addition to muscle tissues, aiding you in achieving the fittest, so much vigorous, and best-looking physique you have ever had-with fewer hours on the gym.

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A DEXA scanner measures body composition by imaging the inside of the body. 6 pounds, at a height of 5 feet 8 inches. 226 g/cm2. Conveniently enough, just under one year later, I scored an opportunity to have a second scan done. I knew my body had changed significantly, but I wasn’t ready for the astounding results I saw. 5 percent. 9 percent. 46 pounds of body fat on a frame that was already pretty lean. 2 percent. I had added approximately ⅓ of a pound of pure bone to my body! Even more important to me than these results was the change in mind-set that I experienced after becoming a powerlifter.

Fortunately, I rediscovered the superiority of muscle strength to muscle size while studying exercise physiology as a graduate student at the University of Connecticut. Over the next several years I threw myself into learning and creating the most effective methods to develop maximum strength. I now use these methods with a wide range of clients, from professional athletes to grandfathers who just want to get around better, whom I train in my fitness facility in Boston, Massachusetts, and online.

This unfortunate substitution comes with significant consequences. The most effective methods of increasing strength are drastically different from the watered-down bodybuilding methods most guys use to pursue greater mass. Training for maximum strength is much more fun, because your progress is more steady and easy to quantify. It’s all about adding weight to the bar instead of squinting into the mirror, trying to see whether your shirt is fitting more tightly than it did four weeks ago. Scientific research has also shown that increasing your strength produces greater benefits in terms of health and real-world performance than merely increasing your muscle size.

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