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By Giuseppe Grioli

It isn't really my purpose to offer a treatise of elasticity within the persist with­ ing pages. the dimensions of the quantity wouldn't let it, and, nonetheless, there are already first-class treatises. as an alternative, my objective is to advance a few matters now not thought of within the top recognized treatises of elasticity yet however uncomplicated, both from the actual or the analytical viewpoint, if one is to set up a whole thought of elasticity. the cloth provided this is taken from unique papers, quite often very fresh, and pertaining to, usually, open questions nonetheless being studied by way of mathematicians. many of the difficulties are from the speculation of finite deformations [non-linear theory], yet part of this e-book matters the speculation of small deformations [linear theory], partially for its curiosity in lots of useful questions and partially as the analytical research of the speculation of finite pressure will be according to the infinitesimal one.

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1m vorliegenden Bueh werden wir uns mit der Differentialgeometrie der Kurven und Flaehen im dreidimensionalen Raum besehiiftigen [2, 7]. Wir werden dabei besonderes Gewieht darauf legen, einen "ansehauliehen" Einbliek in die differentialgeometrisehen Begriffe und Satze zu gewinnen. Zu dies em Zweek werden wir, soweit sieh dies in naheliegender Weise er mogliehen lal3t, den differentialgeometrisehen Objekten elementargeome trisehe oder, wie wir dafiir aueh sagen wollen, differenzengeometrisehe Modelle gegeniiberstellen und deren elementargeometrisehe Eigensehaften mit differentialgeometrisehen Eigensehaften der Kurven und Flaehen in Be ziehung bringen.

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28) D (xo• x) is called the differential of T (x) at the point xo' One may demonstrate that T (x) is continuously differentiable in Jo. That means that however small a positive number1' is chosen, one may always find another one. f2 .. for which the two following conditions are satisfied: I) For any pair of points xo. 29) and for any x of ]0' we have liD (xo, x) - D (%0' x) II < l' II x II ; < f2r. we have II R (xo• x) II < I'll x I . 30) II) for any Xo of Jo. 31 ) For brevity I omit the demonstration.

8 Y/) d C* I <, C* Mo IIxl12 . s - Ok*YrsF" X r. 2). 3. 15) I t is certainly possible to orient the reference frame T in such a manner that A r • = 0 when r =f s. I suppose that T satisfies this condition. Then the condition that the parameters Yr. of the first members of equations 51 § 3. 19) when ° ffL; r <; eo 10 1. s . E L; <; V3 C* Mo II 11 X (5. 20) is verified if II x II <; V~~~~~ Mo~ I() r~ , a relation which, since II x I < R, is certainly satisfied when I() I <; y3 R2C* Mo . 22). When x varies in fo' such a sextuple determines a point x' of a space S', namely, that one of the· sextuples PI> P 2 , P 3 , f/Jl> f/J2' f/J3 which verifies conditions Y), 0), c).

Let us suppose that the frame of reference is the rectangular right-handed trihedral 0 Yl Y2 Y3 with origin at the center of mass of the body and with axes coinciding with those of the ellipsoid of inertia at 0, Y3 being taken parallel to the generators. 44) Po, a, b being constant. That is, one has a torsional load on the two bases and a non-uniform pressure on the lateral surface. 2+f32=0. 17) have the solution (3}+ i,u) [(3 A. + 2ft) ui1) = 2fl uk1) = 2fl (3;'\ 2fl) u~I) = 2fl [(3 A. (a - b) Y2 - + 2ft) (b - Po (A.

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