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By C. Cercignani

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IQC-Based IQC LPV Controller Synthesis for the NASA HL20 Atmospheric Re-entry Vehicle. In: AIAA GNC 2009 (2009) A Linear Parameter Varying Controller for a Re-entry Vehicle Benchmark 27 16. : Research on Gain Scheduling. Automatica 36, 1401–1425 (2000) 17. : Survey of Gain-Scheduling Analysis and Design. International Journal of Control 73(11), 1001–1025 (2000) 18. : Linear, parameter-varying control and its application to a turbofan engine. International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control 12, 763–796 (2002) 19.

Since only inner-loop control is considered, the open-loop plant can be reduced to the short-period motion. In this manner, the state dimension of the controller is largely reduced (recall that for LTI H∞-based synthesis the obtained controller has the same number of states as the design interconnection). The open-loop plant used for design has 2 states (angle-of-attack and pitch rate), two outputs (same as the states) and two inputs (elevator and speed-brake deflections). The defined H∞ design interconnection is given in Figure 4.

The GPS circuitry is located directly underneath the patch antenna, allowing a very compact operation. The EM-406A uses the SiRF StarIII GPS engine and data is provided to the flight computer via TTL serial at 1Hz. Pressure sensors: The Honeywell ASDX is a small IC-based, digital output, temperature-compensated pressure sensor available in differential and absolute versions. These units are used to measure total and static pressure to determine the airspeed and altitude of the aircraft, and are connected to a Pitot-static probe that protrudes forward of the right wing of the aircraft.

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