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By Dirk Fornahl, Michael Hülsmann

This edited monograph collects theoretical, empirical and political contributions from assorted fields, targeting the economic release of electrical mobility, and aspiring to shed extra mild at the complexity of offer and insist. it really is an ongoing dialogue, either within the public in addition to in academia, even if electrical mobility is able to gaining a substantial marketplace percentage within the close to destiny. the objective viewers essentially contains researchers and practitioners within the box, however the publication can also be necessary for graduate students.

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Carsharing with EV could be a solution. First attempts to realize these business models can already be observed. However, whether they are going to be successful in the long run is unclear so far. Car sharing concepts might reduce the EV specific disadvantages, range and purchase price, from the users’ perspectives significantly. If policy makers wish to take measures in order to support private EV diffusion at the current market stage, thinking about demand side policy measures targeting monetary and non-monetary aspects could be an option.

2 Methods Used First a comparison between the attitudes and norms of the BEV company car users potentially willing to privately purchase an EV and those users who are not willing or who are undecided to do so is conducted. Therefore t-Tests, nonparametric Mann-Whitney-Tests and a binary logistic regression analysis are applied. Furthermore, the highly significant dependencies between the factor attitude towards EV and the users’ degree of satisfaction with different characteristics of the EV are analyzed and explained by applying linear regression analysis.

Ensslen et al. (2012) point out that a quite high number of EV users participating in the fleet test CROME could envision purchasing an EV within the next ten years. Less than 20 % stated not to be willing to do so, about 35 % stated being willing to do so and about 45 % of the respondents were undecided. According to Ensslen et al. (2013a) potential early EV adopters are likely to live in rather rural French areas due to favorable total cost of ownership (TCO), a relaxed parking situation in small municipalities and a high average number of cars per household, which compensates for the range-specific disadvantages most EV have.

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