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By Martin, Richard, and Harold Koda

В этой небольшой брошюре представлены некоторые модели одежды, которые были сделаны знаменитым дизайнером Жермен Эмили Кребс.

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Madame Grès

В этой небольшой брошюре представлены некоторые модели одежды, которые были сделаны знаменитым дизайнером Жермен Эмили Кребс.

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Canvas, 24x19^/4 in. Buenos Aires, Musco Nacional dc Bellas Artcs. View of Paris from Montmartre. Autumn 1886. Canvas, 15'/8 x 24'/4 i Offentliche Kunstsammlung. (Photo Hinz) View of Montmartre, photograph. Le Moulin de la Galette. Paris, early 1887. Drawing in pencil, blue crayon, ink, and green pastels. 155/8 x21'/4 in. Amsterdam, National Museum Vincent 4 Le Moulin de la Canvas, 18'/8xl5 Since their father's death in 1885, Vincent had wished to hve nearer his sitting ed him back where he was to spend Theo, whose apartment he shared in Rue de Laval (today Rue Victor Mercier) near Pigalle, both filled his family role and acted as Vincent's intermediary with the Paris art world, at a time when much was happening there.

3 Wheatfield with Cypresses. Saint-Remy, July 1889. Canvas, 28'/2 x 36 in. London, The National Gallery, by courtesy of the Trustees. 4 Wheatfield with Cypresses. Saint-Remy, June-July 1889. Drawing in black chalk, pen, reed, and sepia, 18'/2 x 24^/8 Amsterdam, National Museum Vincent van Gogh. in. ) But far from flattening the picture surface, he scooped it out and reached into the farthest depths of space, hnking all that was distant and static with his contorted, lyrical foregrounds where the eye pauses as if to find the horizon.

Care he soon was fit again; but during this time, because of a petition from some neighbors, his house was closed up by the new Though greatly concerned this. Theo was about to be police and Vincent had to seek lodgings. about all married and could not leave Paris, and hence sent Paul Signac to Aries instead. " dazzhng colors their stood out brilUantly against whitewashed walls. All his life Signac would re- memory of this astonishing with Van Gogh the man and tain a vivid encounter his paintings.

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