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By Peter Curzon

'The Cavendish legislations playing cards disguise the large diversity of topics on hand at the undergraduate legislations programme, in addition to at the CPE/Diploma in legislations direction. every one of the Cavendish legislations playing cards is an entire, pocket-sized consultant to key examinable components of the legislation syllabus. Their concise textual content, effortless structure and compact structure make the Cavendish legislations playing cards perfect revision aids for making a choice on, figuring out and committing to reminiscence the salient issues of every subject.

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3) observed that persons who are able to perceive the true nature of the forces behind details will grasp the differences ‘between philosophy and gossip’. The consideration and deep study of the nature of law acquire their significance and, therefore, their worth, only when they emerge from a contemplation of action, controversy and conflict within society and its legal institutions. Jurisprudential philosophy appears to be at its most fruitful stage when rooted in the realities of everyday legal practice.

His fundamental concern, in his writings on politics, law and justice, was with the delineation of the path which had to be followed if man was to achieve ‘the good’. Man, although a part of nature, could control nature through the exercise of his will: it is this which separates him from all other creatures. When man is perfected he is, indeed,’ the best of animals’, but, if removed from the ambit of law and justice, lie is the worst of all’ (The Politics). Man’s laws must be judged by the extent to which they assist him in developing his innate powers to the full.

2 Aristocracy By ‘aristocracy’, Aristotle has in mind ‘the best citizens’, ie, those whose natural endowments and standards of educational attainment equip them to rule. 3 Polity Polity is the type of State which rests upon a constitution allowing the rule of the masses under the law and a system of justice which is enshrined in that constitution. 4 Tyranny Tyranny is the degenerate form of monarchy, and is characterised by the predominance of the ruler’s selfish wishes over justice and law. 5 Oligarchy Oligarchy is the corrupted form of aristocracy and is exemplified by rulers who reject the aim of the general good in favour of their individual advancement.

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