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By Jisuo Jin

This monograph is a part of an ongoing comparative learn of the biodiversity alterations of the past due Ordovician - Early Silurian brachiopods (the such a lot plentiful and various workforce of shelly benthos at the moment) in continental-margin basins and inland seas of Canada. research of the brachiopod faunas is helping to appreciate many features (duration, volume, depth, and timing) of the climatic adjustments and their results on marine environments faraway from the location of the glaciation. The past due Ordovician carbonate deposits now preserved within the Williston Basin include a wealthy and various benthic shelly fauna that lived within the historical equatorial epicontinental seas prior to the past due Ordovician mass extinction occasion, and this paintings bargains with the taxonomy, biostratigraphy, paleoecology, and paleobiogeography of the brachiopod fauna. The authors defined a complete of sixteen genera and 22 species and mentioned their old dwelling environments and faunal provincialism.

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Shell usually large to very large, subtriangular to subpentagonal in outline, strongly resupinate 30 and broadly geniculate, bearing concentric to crisscross rugae over part or entire shell. Ventral interior like Strophomena; dorsal interior different from Strophomena in having usually shorter and weaker transmuscle septa. Remarks. Strophomena fluctuosa is a widespread species in Upper Ordovician rocks of North America. Assignment of the species to Strophomena has been mainly on the basis of its resupinate shell.

Pseudopunctate, with minute pustules best developed on both sides of shell adjacent to dorsal muscle field (Pl. 5, fig. 15). Ventral interior. Teeth small, slender (Pl. 5, fig. 12); dental plates low, thick, extending anteriorly to merge with high lateral bounding ridges of muscle field. Lateral cavities present in umbonal area, largely filled by secondary shell deposits posteriorly. Muscle field sharply defined, subcircular to subrhomboidal in outline, occupying about 34% of shell width and 42% of shell length, bearing low, relatively thick median ridge (Pl.

19, figs. 2, 2a, 4, 5. Remarks. A detailed redescription of the species can be found in Jin et al. (1995). The shells of Oepikina lata are unusually large and thick, attaining a maximum length of 55 mm and width of nearly 70 mm. The only addition to the description of Jin et al. (1997) is that the dorsal valve is somewhat thinner in the visceral disc area than in the marginal part, thus forming a subcircular peripheral rim that originates from the midpoint of each side of the hingeline. , p. 1264, pl.

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