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By Shannon Baker Moore

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The US troops were unprepared to fight. One Task Force Smith soldier said, At any one time it seems like there’d be four tanks behind us curling up the hill, five going through [our company of soldiers] and two coming down the road toward me. . In a little less than two hours, 30 North Korean tanks rolled through the position we were supposed to block as if we hadn’t been there. indd 32 5/28/13 9:33 AM The US soldiers’ rocket launchers, known as bazookas, were no match for the North Koreans’ Soviet tanks.

North Korea had run out of time, and the UN was ready to take the offensive. Desegrega ting the Milita ry The Battle of Pusan Perimeter was one of the first major US battles fought by a desegregated US military group. In July 1948, Truman had issued Executive Order 9981, which prohibited racial and ethnic discrimination in the military. Prior to this time, black members of the armed services served in separate units from white troops. However, because of white opposition, integration within the armed services had not yet been implemented.

US officials still believed the attacks by North Korea on South Korea were Soviet-run operations. They underestimated China’s influence on and involvement in North Korea. As a result, Americans did not take the Chinese threat seriously. This miscalculation would change the tide of the war. china get s involved The Chinese decided to intervene in Korea for several reasons. First, North Korean troops had fought in the Chinese Communist revolution. North Korean Communists had helped the Chinese; it was time to return the favor.

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