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By Ralf König

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This large canvas was executed shortly before the outbreak of the FrancoPrussian War, which drove the artist from his home and eventually prompted him to seek refuge with his family in England. There, in February 1871, he received a letter from a friend who told him: "... Louveciennes! Your blankets, suits, shoes, I have no news of your house underwear, you may go into mourn- — believe me— and your sketches, since they are generally admired, ing for to think will be ornaments in Prussian will no doubt have saved your drawing rooms.

Paintings in the darker rooms. In this fashion there well-lit spaces for . organized Monet pressed at the closing of the exhibition this by time also Pissarro. preferred to abstain, Pissarro was too hard by problems of all Although the public was kinds not to try his chance. less noisy than during the were hardly higher. The average ready to defend just causes. Far from claiming the first advantages to which his place in the group, his talent, price did not exceed 169 francs (only seven francs more and than in 1877).

Signac Pissarro. the nature of the was experience which they, in turn, gladly welcomed. wrote to little later Pissarro had reached an impasse, receptive and Signac. he explained a revolutionary concepts shared by the small group the same time offering his Pissarro's his luck) for the United States, there to try left execution for several years, and therefore did not hesitate to embrace these while at his Ruel (who had "For us, the young, it is a great now good also joined. Their purpose, he said, was "to seek a mod- by methods based on ern synthesis science ...

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