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By Geoffrey J. Thomas

Shrouded in secrecy and intrigue in the course of its lifetime and fantasy and legend when you consider that its dissolution, the KG 2 hundred nonetheless is still for plenty of essentially the most attention-grabbing devices of the Luftwaffe. supplying spies whereas flying captured Allied airplane, clandestine reconnaissance missions over land and sea, checking out new guns similar to the 'Mistel' composite bomber and the piloted V-1, and intensely long-range liaison flights have been just a few in their projects. yet there has been additionally a extra sinister element to their operations: males from KG two hundred performed an important half within the infamous motion opposed to the French Resistance at the Vercors plateau, others have been fascinated about what have been successfully suicide missions. Geoff Thomas's deeply researched textual content throws new gentle on all elements of this unit, dispels a couple of myths and indicates that regardless of its 'special' prestige, KG two hundred used to be simply as a lot a prey to the Nazi hierarchy's strength politics as any other department of Wehrmacht, with effects that have been usually tragic yet often farcical.

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