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By Brian Filley, Perry Manley, Joe Sewell, Don Greer

Half 2 of the Ju 88 tale strains the advance of the fighter editions of the multi-role Ju-88. This quantity additionally covers the Ju-188 and later editions. comprises the Ju 88C-2, Ju 88C-4, Ju 88C-5, Ju 88C-6, Ju 88C-6 evening Fighter, Ju 88C-7, Ju 88R-1, Ju 88R-2, Ju 88G-1, Ju 88G-6, Ju 88G-7, Ju 88G-10, Ju 88P, Ju 188, Ju 288, Ju 388, and Ju 488 variations. additionally covers evening operations, Schrage Musik armament, and the Mistel flying bombs. over a hundred images, 50 element drawings, 2 pages scale drawings, thirteen full-color drawings. Filley; fifty eight pages.

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