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By Jean Baudrillard

Released twelve months after put out of your mind Foucault, within the Shadow of the Silent Majorities (1978) could be the most crucial sociopolitical manifesto of the 20th century: it demands not anything below the tip of either sociology and politics. Disenfranchised revolutionaries (the crimson Brigades, the Baader-Meinhof Gang) was hoping to arrive the loads at once via extraordinary activities, yet their message simply performed into the arms of the media and the nation. In a media society that means has no which means anymore; communique in basic terms communicates itself. Jean Baudrillard makes use of this final outburst of ideological terrorism in Europe to show off the tip of the "Social." as soon as invoked by means of Marx because the motor of background, the hundreds no longer have sociological fact. within the digital media society, all of the plenty can do--and all they're going to do--is benefit from the spectacle. within the Shadow of the Silent Majorities takes to its final end the "end of ideologies" skilled in Europe after the Soviet invasion of Hungary and the loss of life of innovative illusions after may possibly 1968. Ideological terrorism does not signify something anymore, writes Baudrillard, no longer even itself. it is only the final hysterical response to discredited political illusions.

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Official history only records the uninterrupted progress of the social, relegating to the obscurity reserved for former cultures, as barbarous relics, everything not coinciding with this glorious advent. In fact, contrary to what one might believe (that the social has definitely won, that its movement is irreversible, that consensus upon the social is total), resistance to the social in all its forms has progressed even more rapidly than the social. It has merely taken other forms than the primitive and violent ones which were subsequently absorbed (the social is alive and well, thank you, only idiots run away from writing and vaccination and the benefits of security).

This isn't the main thing, and what this slipping, this skidding initiates in the long term - already initiates - is 45 Jean Baudrillard the end of the economic, cut off from all its rational definitions by the excessive, magic, spectacular, fraudulent and nearly parodic use the masses put it to. An asocial use, resistant to all pedagogies, to all socialist education - an aberrant use whereby the masses (us, you, everybody) have already crossed over to the other side of political economy. They haven't waited for future revolutions nor theories which claim to "liberate" them by a "dialectical" movement.

It aims at that white magic of social abstraction by the black magic of a still greater, more anonymous, arbitrary and hazardous abstraction: that of the terrorist act. 51 Jean Baudrillard It is the only non-representative act. In this regard it has an affinity with the masses, who are the only non-representable reality. This is definitely not to say that terrorism would represent the silence and the not-said of the masses, that it would violently express their passive resistance. It is simply to say: there is no equivalent to the blind, non-representative, senseless character of the terrorist act, but the blind, senseless and unrepresentational behavior of the masses.

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