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By Melody Thomas

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Finding the box was simple. Brianna at once pulled her opera glasses out of her reticule and applied them to her nose, eagerly surveying the five tiers of plush boxes from her roost. “There must be thousands here tonight,” she breathed in wonder. There was a sudden burst of thunder as the orchestra warmed up in the pits, giving notice that the audience should take their seats. ” Brianna lowered her glasses. ” “I didn’t know that you speak German,” she said with a laugh. “You should like the show.

Clearly, any warmth he was capable of feeling was reserved solely for his sister. ” He had the audacity to look offended. 50 MELODY THOMAS “You can rot. ” Eyes narrowed, Christopher watched her march off, her back ramrod straight. “Aye,” he almost yelled back. ” She’d never needed him. And she’d certainly never fought for him as she did that bloody job. Hell would freeze before he’d ever allow himself to step into her life again. ” Christopher tied the cravat around his neck. He’d washed and changed.

His grin vanished as he turned his full attention on Stephan Williams. The youth’s Adam’s apple bobbed. ” Now that Brianna was gone, all gloves came off, metaphorically speaking. Christopher hit him. Hard enough to give him pause. Make him more nervous than he already was. “But it’s not what you think, sir. ” A bead of sweat ran down Williams’s temple. His breath- IN MY HEART 41 ing was becoming labored. “I’ll . . ” “One day is not today. Today you’re a courier. Tomorrow, your father can send someone else to this house.

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