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By Benjawan Poomsan Becker

This e-book and CD is designed to aid foreigners maximize their strength in announcing Thai phrases and increase their Thai listening and talking abilities. scholars will locate that they have got extra self assurance in conversing the language and will make themselves understood larger. The e-book and the CD are made for use together. The direction is ordinary, effortless to stick with and compact.

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I fell in love. How Do They Say It? When you talk to a Thai person, you will probably like "I lib in Pattaya, but my how in Ubon" for "I live in Pattaya, but my house is in Ubon". You will get used to their pronunciation after a while. Often they have memorized a few English sentences learned from their Thai friends or just translate Thai into English literally without ctranging the Thai word order. Here are some English phrases that you often here from Thai people. hear phrases lmproving Your Thai a a a a a a i i a a a a Pronunciation 37 Up to you!

When speaking informally, they often drop the 'l' and 'r' clusters completely. : 'kr6p' (particle for male speakers) is pronouced as 'k6p'. 'glip'(to return ) is pronouced as 'gip'. lmproving Your Thai Pronunciation 35 It is very hard for Thai people to say the word "three,,. They either pronounce it as "tree" or simply "tee". When they say that their phone number is "one-nine-four-tee,, please make sure that it is 1943 and not 1940. ) Many Thai speakers change the 'r' sound at the beginning of a syllable to 'l'.

Tokyo Colorado Belgium Egypt Scotland Brazil Italy Sydny Faris dtoo-gioa Iprufiur koo-loo-raa-d6o Inln:rIer ben-fam rrnrEjur ii-yip EBilci sa-gSrleen rrioqunuri braa-sin or baa-sin u'lrBn )t-dtaa-Iii 0snfi sit-rfri Bnf,ti bpaa-fiit rJris lmproving Your Thai Pronunciation 41 The following places are words that are not exactly according to the adoption of transliterating words from English" , 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. i8. 19. /Myanmar p6-m6a vuir/r$uur,rri jiin China England France Germany Protugal Japan Korea Cambodia Turkey tru ang-grit 6lnqu fa-ring-siet olt'rrnel yee-ra-man uuo:ffu bproo-dti-gdet l:J:qrnn fil-upin Cir]u gao-lii rnru6 ki-m6en trril: dti-ra-gii q:fi Sample Sentences A.

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