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By Yefim Gordon, Dmitriy Komissarov

The IL-28 entered carrier with the USSR Air strength in 1950 and has usually been dubbed The Russian Canberra. It served with the airforces of Egypt, China, Czechoslovakia and Poland, as well as the USSR. this is often an in-depth examine of this long-serving gentle bomber RAPIDили

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S speed ~nd ran ge. centrIfugal-flow turbojets. \00 kgp (6. 834. 084 Ib st ) for cruise. differing mainly in having a more effi cient compressor: the'engine's dry weight and external dimensions rema ined unchanged. This undoubted achievement was made possible by the use of new heat-resistant alloys. more efficient cooling. Specific fu el consumption (SFC) was 6 per cent lower than that of the production VK- IA. However. preliminary design studies showed that the swept-wing Il-28S tstrelovidnove krvlo - swept wi ngs) o ffe red no significa nt ad vant ages over the prod uction Beagle.

This weapo n was carried externa lly under the fu selage. Outwa rdly the 11-28-131 could be identified by a sma ll a ngular fairing under the nose. p robably housing the guida nce an tenna for the bomb. The U B-2 F was a lso ca rried by specia lly modified Tu-1 6 Badger-A bombers which ca rried two such bombs on underwing pylons. ~ ~ ~ ~ I1-28PL anti-submarine warfare aircraft The late 1950s and early 1960s saw ano ther escalation o f the Co ld War which nearlv turned into a full -blown hot wa r during the C uban missile crisis.

Including Czechoslovak ia and Hunga ry. Another specialized version was intended for electronic co untermeasures (ECM) . Some sources claim the aircraft was designated I1-28REB (rahdioelek tronnava bor 'bah - ECM). The main identification feature of thi s version was the cylind rica l wingtip pods reminiscent of the I1-28R 's d rop tanks, but feat uri ng dielectric front and rear po rtions co ncealing emitter antenna s, The ECM versio n was also supplied to Czechoslovakia . - ~ .. • A Hu ngarian Air Force 11-28RTR ELINT aircraft .

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