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By Micky Hades

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Do NOT use more chemical than can be contained in the 1/8 inch square. The next step is to form the filled tissue into packets. To do this lift the edges and bunch them together, then twist these ends together by gripping the paper just above the compositions of sand and chemicals and twist to form a pig tail. If you grip the part containing the composition between Whisper the fingers it is very liable to go off as a result of the pressure applied in the twisting process. Trim off the ends of the pig tail, figure #38.

Do not have the glass and the saucer to close to each other or the fumes may mix and produce smoke prematurely. To produce the smoke simply place the saucer on top of the glass. The action of the two chemicals is so rapid that it must be immediately covered with the handkerchief. a A slight variation of this is to cause a corked bottle to fill with smoke. First in the bottom of the cork stopper hollow out a cavity large enough to hold a small wad of cotton. Hold the cotton in place by forcing a pth or needle through the top of the cork and into the wad of cotton, figure #41.

There will be no chemical reaction for a long time due to the great distance that separates the acid from the ammonia. I : J © U F6 You can use this time to light a cigarette or for any other kind of hocus pocus you may desire to use. Then in the act of moving or picking up the bottle remove the pin which releases the cotton wad and the effect will develop by itself from there on. als requires bottles with rubber stopper, some short glass tubing and som. rubber tub- ing plus a rubber bulb. Arrange the apparatus as shown in figure #43.

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