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In the sphere of compressed gases and comparable gear, there's an increasing center of crucial wisdom that folks dealing with and utilizing those fabrics will be conversant in or should still recognize the place to discover. the focal point ofthis publication issues the homes and the approved capability oftransportation, garage, and handlingofcompressed gases. This guide is concurrently meant as an outline ofthe topic and a resource ofsupplementary info. it's also meant to function a advisor to perti­ nent federal regulatory specifications and released criteria of the Compressed fuel organization and different standards-developing companies. The organization advises readers that the CGA technical guides stay the authentic assertion ofpolicy on a specific subject. Reference is made all through this article to the various technical guides released via the Compressed fuel organization. a few ofthese guides were integrated through reference into federal, nation, provincial, and native laws. because the CGA guides are reviewed on a periodic foundation, at any time when the textofthis guide conflicts with corresponding info within the CGA technical pamphlets, the main lately revealed fabric shall take precedence.

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6 m) Over these Quantities 50 It' (15 m) 75 ... 6 m) slow-burning marenal\ 0001. 6 m) ~ _____ Vent or fill opening Other flammable gas storage -0 ~ILY~W1II~ J I \ ' - - - - - I - - - - - - - - - \_ _ _ _ _ _ All classes of flammable and combustible liquids below ground 'NOTE. These distances do not apply where protective structures having a minimum fire resistance rating of rwo hours Interrupt the IIne-of-slght berween uninsulated portions of the bulk oxygen storage installation and the exposure.

The second category includes gases that fonn alkaline materials upon exposure to water. Examples of acidic gases are boron trichloride, boron trifluoride, chlorine, dichlorosilane, hydrogen bromide, hydrogen chloride (anhydrous), hydrogen fluoride, and sulfur dioxide. Examples of alkaline gases are ammonia, monomethylamine, dimethylamine, and tri- 31 methylamine. These gases may exhibit other hazards such as toxicity, oxidization potential, or flammability. The physical and chemical properties of these gases, their physiological effects on humans, special precautions to be followed, and first aid measures are covered in individual gas monographs in Part II.

Al1 equipment should be evacuated or purged with inert gas prior to opening the cylinder valve. Use a check valve or back-flow protection device in any line or piping from the container to prevent reverse flow and potential reaction, which could cause a container failure. 32 1/ Compressed Gases and Related Equipment In case of a leak, shut off product gas flow to be certain that gas has not accumulated to form an explosive mixture and it is safe to do so. Do not extinguish burning gas if product flow cannot be shut off immediately.

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