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By E. Ellingson (auth.), Catarina Lobo, Margarida Serote Roos, Andrea Biviano (eds.)

Galaxy teams and clusters offer first-class laboratories for learning galaxy houses in several environments and at diversified look-back instances. specifically, the new detections of high-redshift cluster applicants, simply attainable with the present high-technology instrumentation, upload a brand new measurement to the matter. in addition to the ever expanding computing energy and complicated algorithms to version clusters of galaxies, it may well aid us to appreciate the origins of state-of-the-art teams and clusters, in addition to in their member galaxies. those workshop lawsuits offer a picture of the present learn during this topic, masking the observations, thought and numerical simulations correct to galaxy evolution in teams and clusters. during this ebook, meant basically to researchers within the box, specific emphasis is given to the new outstanding growth within the box, on very important new effects, and at the destiny clients and open inquiries to be tackled.

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Xue, Y. : 2000, ApJ 538, 65. Zabludoff, AI. : 1998a, ApJ 496,73. I. : 1998b, ApJ 496,39. I. : 2002, ASP 268, 459. A. STANFORD UC Davis and LLNL-1GPp, Livermore, CA 94550, USA PETER EISENHARDT JPL, 4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena, CA 91109, USA MARK DICKINSON STScl, 3700 San Martin Drxive, Baltimore, MD 21218, USA Abstract. 92. We find a much smaller blue fraction and weaker trend with redshift than measured in optically selected samples. We suggest that the Butcher-Oemler effect is primarily due to star forming low luminosity galaxies.

Motivated both by the shortcomings of the Sersic model and the extensive literature on cD envelopes, we next extend our model to have two components. Specifically, we try a double Sersic model, where the properties of the two Sersic components are allowed to vary independently. We find that this two-component model provides a substantial improvement in the quality of the profile fits (Figure 2). Moreover, large observed ellipticity and position angle changes can be naturally explained by two-component models in which each component has a different orientation and elongation.

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