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By Dilip M. Salwi

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Each ofthe nine parts of the quadrant isfurther divided into ten equal parts (Right). 33. in the northern hemisphere, its latitude is taken as positive, or negative if the place is in the southern hemisphere. There are many methods of getting the latitude of a place. Here we determine it taking the help of the sun. Before trying the experiment, we have to construct a latitude box. Take a square cardboard box. Cut a square hole A at the centre of one of the sides (Fig. 23). Paste a small card paper over the hole shown by the outline between B and C.

4 7 10 12 15 18 20 23 25 28 30 +7° +6° +5° +4° +3° +2° + 1° 0° -1° -2° -3° Oct. 3 6 -4° -5° -6° -7° -8° -9° -10° -11° -12° -13° -14° -15° -16° -17° -18° -19° -20° -21° -22° -23° -23/2° + 18° + 17° Nov. +16° + 15° + 14° + 13° + 12° + 11° + 10°' Dec. find the diameters of the M o o n and Sun? Does a l e m o n generate an electric current? How does a camera take a photo? Find answers to these and several other questions by performing exciting experiments or building devices at h o m e . Spend some fascinating hours with Physics doing these experiments and, in the process, discover scientific facts and principles SCIENCE IMPROVEMENT SERIES Fun With Plants Fun With Chemistry Fun With Physics Learning Science Through Simple Experiments Our Neighbours In Space Inventions That Shaped The World Simple Machines-1 The Wheel and the Axle MADHUBAN EDUCATIONAL BOOKS Simple Mahcines-2 Levers and Other Simple Machines Exploring Science-1 Animal Homes Exploring Science-2 Plant Life Water : A Project Outline Energy : A Project Outline Change: A Project Outline Reprint 1994 ISBN 0-7069-7722-X © Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd, 1992 All rights reserved.

Draw a square EFGH on a piece of paper of the inside size of the box (Fig. 24). Find the mid points L,M,N and O of its sides and complete the square LMNO. Check that angle LON is a right-angle. Taking O as centre and ON or OL as the radius, draw the quadrant OLN using a compass. Using a protractor, divide this quadrant into 90 parts, so that each part represents an angle of one degree at O. Now rub off everything except the quadrant OLN and cut off the square EFGH. Paste it on the inner side of the box.

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