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By Heinz-Peter Spahn

This booklet offers with the evolution of economic structures. to start with, it argues that cash varieties a constitutional aspect in any private-ownership financial system, estab­ lishing a nominal-standard order for the marketplace behaviour of person brokers. The industry economic system is essentially a check society the place funds constructions and values financial actions, and plays itself as a marketplace asset. using re­ resources and the creation of commodities are ruled by way of calculations in mone­ tary values which subordinate construction and employment to the good judgment of asset markets. The "veil" of cash can't be withdrawn, on the contrary and in theoretical research, with no altering the commercial order of society. funds originates from a credits relation among industry brokers, therefore spot funds re­ position intertemporal alternate. difficulties of low belief and knowledge in mutual monetary family are projected onto the money medium in a financial economic system, thereby improving its potency and dynamics. the speed of curiosity isn't relating to time; it's the rate for holding the brokers' solvency within the present interval, and it determines a favorable expense of go back on capital and construction. Secondly, the e-book exhibits that community externalities within the use of cash ended in monopoly suggestions within the nationwide and hegemonic leader-follower relatives within the overseas economy.

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Note that this liquidity premium attached to money depends on the inflexibility of money prices; or, to put it differently, it is the very essence of money prices to show at least some degree of rigidity in order to enable individual economic planning and a decentralized pattern of resource allocation. 20 Insisting on money contracts does not at all (necessarily) imply some sort of money illusion. Of course, agents form expectations on the real equivalent of stipulated money payments (measured by the general price level) and its evolution through time (measured by the rate of inflation).

Moreover, the liquidity of the banking system is practically independent from the saving decision (which merely implies a restructuring among the deposit items in the banks' balance sheets). As a consequence, the analytical and chronological "order" of saving and investment can be reversed, in comparison to a pure barter economy. "Forced" saving, by way of a general rise of money prices, can no longer be excluded. At this point, the quantity of money (which serves as an endogenously determined pure accounting medium in a perfect system of future markets) has to 34 35 36 Cf.

51 52 38 On the theory of a monetary economy school in its battle against the neoc1assicals, adhered to the traditional belief that the roots of the rate of interest are to be found in the phenomenon of time. Finally, we can take up the question of Wicksell again. He linked the concept of a monetary notion of capital to the widespread idea that the scarcity of this (value of) capital could be overcome by means of saving. Although the connection of time preference, interest and saving appeared to him as rather complicated, he believed that a continuing accumulation would tend to render capital abundant and to lower the rate of interest.

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