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By Philip A. Hastings

There are greater than 33,000 species of dwelling fishes, accounting for greater than half the extant vertebrate variety on the earth. This certain and accomplished reference showcases the fundamental anatomy and variety of all eighty two orders of fishes and greater than a hundred and fifty of the main often encountered households, targeting their targeted features.

actual identity of every team, together with its distinguishing features, is supported with transparent images of preserved specimens, essentially from the information of the Marine Vertebrate assortment at Scripps establishment of Oceanography. This diagnostic info is supplemented by means of radiographs, extra illustrations of relatively different lineages, and key references and ecological info for every group.

a fantastic spouse to basic ichthyology texts, Fishes: A advisor to Their Diversity offers a large review of fish morphology prepared in a contemporary class method for college students, fisheries scientists, marine biologists, vertebrate zoologists, and daily naturalists. This survey of the main speciose staff of vertebrates on the earth will extend the appreciation of and curiosity within the remarkable variety of fishes.

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Both groups are characterized by the lack of an anal fin, presence of spiracles, and the location of all five gill slits anterior to the origin of the pectoral fin. Among the squaliforms, the gulper sharks (Centrophoridae) and the lantern sharks (Etmopteridae) are characterized by two dorsal fins, each with a single grooved spine, and by very large eyes. The lantern sharks usually have light organs along the ventral aspect of the body. Some species of sleeper sharks (Somniosidae) have dorsal-fin spines while others do not, and all species are characterized by abdominal ridges between the pectoral and pelvic fins.

2003; Hardisty and Potter, 1971; Potter, 1980; Renaud, 1997, 2011. PETROMYZONTID CHARACTERISTICS: 1) body eel-like, naked 2 ) no paired fins, one or two dorsal fins 3 ) lateral line absent 4 ) seven pairs of external pore-like gill openings 5 ) oral barbels absent 6 ) oral disk and tongue bearing rows of teeth 7 ) single nostril located between eyes, anterior to pineal eye 8 ) cloaca located under anterior half of second dorsal fin or posterior lobe of single dorsal fin ILLUSTRATED SPECIMEN: Petromyzon marinus, SIO 74–​134, 124 mm TL Petromyzontiformes 17 This page intentionally left blank GNATHOSTOMATA Jawed Vertebrates The Gnathostomata is an extraordinarily successful lineage of over 60,000 species characterized by upper and lower jaws that are derived from modified gill arches.

The most anterior point is often the tip of the snout, but may be the tip of the lower jaw in some species. Horizontal distance from the most anterior point on the head to the end of the central caudal-fin rays. , the end of the hypural plate). The latter can often be located as a crease formed when the caudal fin is slightly bent. Horizontal distance from the tip of the snout to the posterior margin of the operculum. Horizontal distance from the tip of the snout to the anterior margin of the orbit.

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