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By Lorraine C Irwin

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Пройдя испытания в кабинетах физеотерапии, ролики из пены шагнули в фитнес залы. Наибольший восторг они вызвали у Описание: Пройдя испытания в кабинетах физиотерапии, ролики (цилиндры, полуцилиндры) из пены шагнули в фитнес залы. Наибольший восторг они вызвали у преподавателей и любителей пилатеса! С помощью этого нехитрого приспособления вы получаете дополнительные возможности для проработки корсетных мышц, повышения гибкости, снятия посттренировочного напряжения, восстановления после травмы.

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If the transverse retinacular ligament is injured, the lateral bands bowstring dorsally and contribute to the development of a swan-neck deformity (see Fig. 2-6). In contrast, the triangular ligament holds the lateral bands dorsally, and loss of this ligament results in the development of a boutonnière (see Fig. 2-19). The first dorsal interossei is usually considered an index finger abductor and MCP flexor. Many of its fibers have their origin on the first metacarpal shaft and therefore act on the first metacarpal serving as a weak thumb adductor.

1-25 Ant. and post. circumflex humeral veins A. Injury to the joint with ligamentous damage B. Injury to the muscle or musculotendinous unit C. A fibrous membrane that covers, supports, and separates muscles D. A type of tissue composed of contractile fibers E. Dry, pink patches of skin that are itchy and burn Axillary v. Supreme thoracic v. Basilic v. Answers: 1, C; 2, D; 3, A; 4, B; 5, E Brachial veins Lateral thoracic v. Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary Thoracodorsal v. 45. Which of the following muscles does not originate from the common flexor origin on the medial epicondyle of the humerus?

B Cause Fig. 1-30 ■ B, Papillary ridges. A. B. C. D. qxd 7/28/04 6:27 PM Page 25 CHAPTER 1 ■ Anatomy Extravaganza 25 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1 ANATOMY EXTRAVAGANZA 62. Label Fig. 1-32. Distal phalanx Hyponychium Nail bed Eponychium Nail plate A D A B E C Allen’s test: radial and ulnar artery Fig. 1-32 ■ Modified from Smith AA, Lacey SH: Hand surgery review, St Louis, 1996, Mosby. Answers: 1, E; 2, A; 3, C; 4, D; 5, B B Green, p. 1283 63. The palmaris longus is absent in what percent of the population? Fig.

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