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By Nicholas Serota

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Those closely allied to his ways strictly moved observed. ' 9 The significance attached to rhythm and movement, to sport, gymnastics and dance, and to the American style of parades and stage revues, and the parallel response to the emphatic rhythms of jazz (together with the concurrent quickening and firming-up of rhythm to become the 'beat'), form the background to human figure after 1 920, and to the Leger's return to the metamorphoses Many the human figure Le Mecanicien, 1920 that followed.

296; see also and America', 1982, 18 On this recurs completed in Andre Leger's friend to posterity was artist's last gift 52. p. ) 'Les Realites Picturales Actuelles', in Leger (as note 12), pp. 24-25. The word 'orchestration' constantly The words are those of Verdet; the 276. , p. 302. , p. , p. ) 19 Quoted from the exhibition catalogue Fernand Leger, Paris 1972, 1960. p. 91. 20 See Douglas Cooper, Fernand Leger 1949. 21 p. Leger (as note 12), 22 Eventually, Footnotes et le Nouvel Espace, Geneva 136.

We took Line's office and saw. I These studies were made by Leger on the presentation sketches to the . third visit to the United States [the director], introduced him to Leger, and he said, 'I know January 1939 and comprise elements that are 46 his from September 1938 to recognisably related to the generation and use of power: derricks, turbines, electrical p/lons and American mechanism Benjamin Franklin's the work. ' It station, one of the gouache studies areas of order to activate the surface of the it power for 'harnessing' such unbounded colour serve indicated a the executed mural an early light bulbs.

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