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By Myra Marx Ferree, Patricia Yancey Martin

This selection of twenty-six unique essays appears at modern feminist companies, how they have survived, the results in their paintings, the issues they face, the thoughts they strengthen, and the place the women's circulation is headed. The participants, major feminist students from 9 social technology disciplines, study a wide selection of neighborhood feminist organisations, earlier and preset, illuminating the struggles of feminist organizers and activists.In the sequence "Women within the Political Economy," edited via Ronnie J. Steinberg.

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Joyce Gelb (Chapter 8) concludes the section by pointing out how this sort of organizing is a particularly American phenomenon. She notes that feminist lobbying draws upon features of both American political systems and American political expectations for its considerable effectiveness and suggests the need for more comparative research. In Part III we focus on the internal dynamics of feminist organizations, Copyrighted Material 20 MYRA MARX FERREE AND PATRICIA YANCEY MARTIN in particular, the transformations brought about in the course of activist struggles.

In 1987 the Convergence sponsored a second Women -Church conference, held in Cincinnati, which drew on increasingly broadened constituencies. As before, it was organized as a bilingual conference and appeared to attract increasing numbers of laywomen . Along with feminist theologians and well-known activists in the Church, the conference was addressed by leaders of the secular women's movement (Gloria Steinem, Eleanor Smeal, Charlotte Bunch). Only a small number of sessions concerned the institutional Church; most covered a broad social agenda: the sanctuary movement, racism, abortion, sexual assault, lesbians keeping faith, community organizing South Bronx style, Copyrighted Material MARY FAIN SOD KATZENSTEIN women and AIDS, economic literacy.

To what spiritual and secular ends should we dedicate our lives? As women asked themselves these questions, however, the answers they formulated required a reanalysis of both Church and society. Initially, women came together to debate the issue of women's ordination. ' In November 1975 the first Women's Ordination Conference was held in Detroit . " Attendance exceeded 1,200, and another 500 people were turned away. " The willingness of the bishops and church authority to engage in dialogue on the ordination issue was questioned in bold, frank terms, but on the whole the speeches dealt with the hopefulness of a church that would prove more open to women's ministry.

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