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By Lynda Burns

This ebook is ready feminism, its critics, and its attainable instructions for switch. The 9 chapters elevate questions on theories of sexual distinction, strength, justice and historical past. A crucial topic matters the customers for combining feminist with different, non-feminist, political views.

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Such a consideration raises fascinating questions of who controls the state and in whose interests they control it. The time is past due for feminist and anti-racist scholars to respond assertively to those who try to silence us, who create a chilling climate for our scholarship, and who push us to write defensively, or to constantly qualify and modify what we say in vain efforts to guard against misrepresentation. We need to respond not only in private but also in public and we need to respond not only defensively, by denying that we hold some outlandish views, but also offensively, by revealing the inconsistency and bad faith of our attackers.

Other panel members were Robin Jones and Manning Marable. In preparing this version of the paper, I am extremely grateful to Richard Jones for generous assistance in finding references. NOTES 1. ” Public Affairs Quarterly, 2:3 (July 1988), pp. 97–120. 2. Christina Hoff Sommers, “Feminist Philosophers Are Oddly Unsympathetic to the Women They Claim to Represent,” The Chronicle of Higher Education (11 October 1989). 3. Ibid. 4. Alison M. Jaggar, “Letters to the Editor,” The Chronicle of Higher Education (1 November 1989).

Three SPEAKING OF FEMINISM . . WHAT ARE WE ARGUING ABOUT? An Essay in the Politics of Meaning Chris Beasley In recent times, there have been some “authoritative” criticisms of and/or attacks on feminism in Australia and elsewhere in the Western world. While critical assessment of feminism is by no means new, these “authoritative” challenges do not present themselves as strictly antagonistic—they do not present as anti-feminist per se—but as “knowing” feminism and accepting supposedly central features of it, such as claims about, and rejection of, the existence of widespread, even systemic misogyny.

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