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By David John Finney

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In this instance as in many others, those who have been closely associated with the investigation are doubtless best qualified to discuss the alternatives, but inevitably least able to eliminate subjective judgment. If consulted at an early stage, however, the statistician can sometimes make a contribution to a clinical investigation that will simplify the eventual drawing of right inferences. He does this through careful attention to . ~). 9. 7 has been deliberately Ea;peJ'l:menfal Design chosen because the gravity uf the issue accentuates tllcse.

Thc mean square tor error is the variance pel' observation. 3 summarizes these means. Mather et al. (1947) give another example of the use of randomized blocks in a study of technique. The plasma volume in man may be estimated by injecting a known quantity of the dye Evam; Blue into the circulatory system and measuring its concentration in a sample taken aftcr complete mixing.

3) again provides a good approximation. The first step is to calculate the deviations the observed frequencies in the two groups from perfect agreement with the proportion shown by the totals. 75 (= 1~5 X 70/~OO), and the other entries would have been similarly modified. 1 from them. 1 (Deviations in Parentheses) , 'l\catmcnl Survived Dietl Total Control. .... AIlti('o~glll:lIlt ...... W. al. .. .. 27 . 1; the o. 75 deaths would be a strange phenomenon to observe! 37 children might be the avel'age size of family in some community, and fo1' e;J:act[y the same reason the technical sense of "expectation" permits fractions of individuals to occur.

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