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By Michael Ruse, Joseph Travis, Edward O. Wilson

Spanning evolutionary technology from its inception to its most recent findings, from discoveries and information to philosophy and historical past, this booklet is the main whole, authoritative, and welcoming one-volume advent to evolutionary biology on hand. transparent, informative, and entire in scope, Evolution opens with a chain of significant essays facing the historical past and philosophy of evolutionary biology, with significant empirical and theoretical questions within the technology, from speciation to variation, from paleontology to evolutionary improvement (evo devo), and concluding with essays at the social and political value of evolutionary biology at the present time.

A moment encyclopedic part travels the spectrum of themes in evolution with concise, informative, and available entries on members from ­Aristotle and Linneaus to Louis Leakey and Jean Lamarck; from T. H. Huxley and E. O. Wilson to Joseph Felsenstein and Motoo Kimura; and on matters from altruism and amphibians to evolutionary psychology and Piltdown guy to the Scopes trial and social Darwinism. Readers will locate the most recent notice at the historical past and philosophy of evolution, the nuances of the technological know-how itself, and the tricky interaction between evolutionary learn, faith, philosophy, and ­society.

showing at the start of the Darwin yr of 2009—the 2 hundredth anniversary of the start of Charles Darwin and the a hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the e-book of the Origin of Species—this quantity is a becoming tribute to the technology Darwin set in motion.

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