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By Daisuke Ikemoto (auth.)

The first systematic research of why Britain and France parted corporation at the factor of ecu financial integration. Ikemoto finds that Britain used to be a lot keener to take part within the early phases of financial integration than formerly concept; Britain and France pursued greatly related rules at the factor till the top of the 1970s.

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In other words, more than one observation can be made even within a single case. 68 In this way, our research can produce valid causal inferences. 2 National Political Parties and Party Systems in the Study of European Integration Introduction The purpose of this chapter is to overview how the existing literature analyses the impact of domestic party politics on European policy chosen by national governments and thus, indirectly, on the course of European integration. Our hypothesis is that divergence of policy between Britain and France on European monetary cooperation is best explained by whether coordination of European policy between the government and opposition was successful or not.

Where societal pressures are intense and powerful, private interests are assumed to be organized and governments narrowly constrained. Existing domestic organization is employed as a proxy: if, for example, wheat, sugar, and beef producers appear to possess disproportionate and stable amounts of political power in 30 European Monetary Integration 1970–79 French peak agricultural interest groups, this fact is taken as given for French policy and hence for EC politics. ‘State’ actors are treated as proxies for underlying social forces.

Our political community is held together despite the internal strife of the constituent groups by the general acceptance of national identity, of nationalism, which manifests itself primarily in a consensus as to the means for achieving agreement on policy. 4 What kind of role do political parties perform in this process? Haas replies to this question in his case study on the ratification of the ECSC treaty. The national parliaments of the six founding members of the ECSC successfully ratified the treaty because: The only generally valid explanation of the success of the Treaty lies in the convergence, not of six separate national interests but of a sufficiently large number of separate national party positions to push the Treaty over the top.

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