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By Emmanuelle J. Javaux (auth.)

Eukaryotic Membranes and Cytoskeleton: Origins and Evolution discusses the evolutionary starting place and diversification of eukaryotic endomembranes and cytoskeleton from a mobilephone organic and comparative genomic standpoint. a number of the chapters current unique examine info from comparative genomic surveys. The presence/absence of gene households with imperative roles in endomembrane and cytoskeleton dynamics in various eukaryotic taxa and an realizing of eukaryote phylogeny let us appropriately reconstruct the mobile machineries found in the final universal ancestor of eukaryotes. the sort of reconstruction is key if we're to appreciate eukaryotic diversification on the grounds that this is often the ancestral mobile from which all range arose. Comparative genomics can likewise let us know which lineages multiplied or diminished sure gene households and the linked mobile machineries.

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28 Eukaryotic Membranes and Cytoskeleton: Origins and Evolution Figure 3. The current consensus of eukaryotic phylogeny. The six proposed super-ensembles of eukaryotes including their major constituting groups are shown in different colours. Not solidly established connections are indicated by dotted lines. The arrows and the question marks indicate possible locations of the root of the eukaryotic tree. Amoebozoa unites most of the amoeba, induding slime molds, lobose amoeba and anaerobic Archamoebae, but neither filose amoeba nor Actinopoda.

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