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By Francis Bacon Crooker

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E. Standardization Rules, IV, I. mined from the saturation curve of generated voltage as ordinates, against excitation as abscissas, by drawing a tangent to the curve at the ordinate corresponding to the assigned excitation, and extending the tangent to intercept the axis of ordinates drawn through the The ratio of the intercept on this axis to the ordinate at the origin. " also may It be found from the relation p = i i * j, which p is the percentage of saturation and / is the saturation factor, which is denned by the same Rules (par.

London, 1904. RHEOSTAT CONTROL. A. C. Button. Gen. Elect. Review, Schenectady, Vol. XII, 1909, pp. 365, 423- CHAPTER V. SHUNT-MOTOR SPEED CONTROL BY VARIATION OF RESISTANCE OF ARMATURE CIRCUIT. THE under which electric motors operate often which are under the control of the operrequire adjustable speeds This adjustment may be accomplished in various ways, and ator. service conditions the particular method to employ depends upon the character of work, range of speed required, cost of electrical energy as well There are two general condias cost of motor and equipment.

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