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By Shiffman

Governments have at their disposal many financial tools to advertise nationwide safeguard, akin to sanctions, international reduction, foreign alternate, overseas finance and legislation blockading money for foreign terrorism. This e-book examines using theses financial rules and addresses how top to degree their effectiveness.

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Of particular THE ECONOMICS OF AUTOCRACIES 25 Repression value to our analysis is his conclusion that each style of leadership consists of different combinations of two tools of power: loyalty and repression. Repression restricts freedoms, and includes bans on speech and press freedoms, and limits rights to organize civil, religious, and political organizations. Loyalty is usually sparked through payment premiums, either monetary or in the form of improved quality of life, to those in elite positions.

Castro did not have the Cuban people’s consent to rule. In effect, Fidel Castro seized power in a revolutionary coup in 1959 by ousting the dictator Fulgencio Batista. He promised reform; shortly after coming to power, however, he turned on the Cuban people by rejecting elections. 7 For now, we will take the listed assumptions at face value and argue their merits. Exceptions to any of these assumptions can be incorporated into the model and the results assessed. 8 It is plausible to assume that Castro wanted to maximize his power.

Although I am on a diet, what is the marginal cost of eating just one potato chip versus the benefit? What is the marginal cost and benefit of getting the luxury package on the new car that I am buying? What is the marginal cost and benefit of planting one additional acre of corn this year? Leaders make policy decisions at the margins as well. What is the marginal cost and benefit of devaluing the currency by 1 percent? Of borrowing an additional amount of money from a sovereign wealth fund? Of adding another 30,000 troops to a deployment of 100,000?

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