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By Ivan Singer

During this monograph the writer provides the idea of duality for nonconvex approximation in normed linear areas and nonconvex international optimization in in the neighborhood convex areas. certain proofs of effects are given, in addition to diverse illustrations. whereas a few of the effects were released in mathematical journals, this can be the 1st time those effects look in e-book shape. additionally, unpublished effects and new proofs are supplied. This monograph can be of serious curiosity to specialists during this and comparable fields.

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165). Hence, if this condition is satisfied, then each level set Sd(f) (d e R) is closed and convex, that is, / is lower semicontinuous and quasiconvex. D (3) Let us consider now the polarity A = A^ : 2^ ^ 2^*^^^^ defined by A^(C) := {O G Z*\{0}| supO(G) ^ 0 ( 0 } (C c X). 166) For the polarity A = A^ we have (AlnW) = {xeX\ cD(x) # supc|>(G)} (O G X * \ { 0 } ) . 12. 168) (C c X). 170) ({x) = supcI>(G) i cD(5rf(/)).

Assume now that sup 0(C) < +oo, and let c G C, so 0(c) < sup 0(C). If 0(c) = sup 0(C), and x G X is such that 0(x) < - sup 0(C) (such an jc G X exists, since O 7^ 0), let X0 = —^c —X (0<6> supO(C), in contradiction to XQ G C . 70). The proof D of the first inequality is similar. 6. 4) the following geometric interpretation: If C is a nonempty open subset of a locally convex space X, then C has no support hyperplane.

We have the following basic formula for the distance to a convex set. 11. Let X be a normed linear space, G a convex subset ofX, and XQ e CG. Then distUo, G) = max {(D(jco) - sup 0(G)}. 240) dist(xo, G) = Oo(xo) - supOo(G). 239), since lUo - g\\ > (xo -g)> O(xo) - sup cD(G) (CD e X\ ||0|| = 1). Furthermore, since XQ G CG, we have dist(jco, G) > 0. Let A:={y e X\ \\XQ - y\\ < dist(jco, G)} = int^(jco, dist(xo, G)). 242) Then A is a nonempty open convex set, and G (1 A = &. 243) we may assume without loss of generality (dividing by ||Ooll, if necessary) that ||a>o|| = 1.

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