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By Vervon Orval Watts

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1. attacking monopoly and restriction of output in urban employments ; 2. encouraging enterprisers to invest profits in ways which expand output and reduce prices of the goods farmers buy; 3. encouraging urban enterprisers to open new jobs for the hundreds of thousands of young men and women who each year should move from rural homes to urban life and work. An open door to talent in every line—this is the way of progress for the farmer and city worker alike. VI. KING MIDAS JOINS ROBIN HOOD King Midas was the man who once had the power to turn everything he touched into gold.

King Midas could have made good on the instant the losses of those who were robbed by this charming bandit. In that way Robin's hijacking could have gone on forever, along with his benevolences, with no injury to anyone. Amazingly enough, modern governments do have this "golden touch" and they often do use it to support various legal or illegal rackets. Governments Have a "Golden Touch" Governments can make money out of almost anything—copper, lead, glass beads, wood and paper. Such money is often for a while "as good as gold," as far as its buying power is concerned.

1943), Ch. V. 24 DO WE WANT FREE ENTERPRISE? Agriculture was subjugated by government loans, marketing pools to buy "surpluses," cooperative producers' organizations to restrict supply, and government aid in converting grain fields to pasture lands. A large and costly bureaucracy enforced the economic controls, administered the government enterprises, and sucked dry the sources of new capital. The legislative bodies were split into numerous factions and blocs representing various conflicting interests, chiefly economic.

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