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By Milton A. Rothman

Obtainable, mind-stretching advent to theories, experiments underlying classical legislation of movement and gravitation, conservation of strength, electrodynamics, relativity, different very important suggestions. additionally dialogue of antigravity, time go back and forth, different technology fiction rules in mild of legislation of physics. New epilogue.

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How we might ask untestable, for there is state of test this realize that our definition of force is no way is hy- so general to get a negative we might out of any physical test (or falsification) result its claim that every accelerating object has by definition, then there hypothesis to be false. In the same is no way of way we could define into existence angels, invisible crystal spheres guiding the planets around the earth, heavenly chariots, and so on. This type of definition was typical of medieval thinking: de- some fine into existence invisible entity that accounts for the observed phenomenon.

This is another fact we learn from experiment, and represents the invariance of the relationship regardless of the motion of the observer. ) Other important relationships concerning the measurement of mass remain to be shown by experiment. For example, if Mj = M2 , then M + M = 2M x 2 X (linearity of addition of mass). This property allows us to set up a simple system of mass units and, as described at the beginning of this chapter, it is a property that cannot be taken for granted or defined into existence.

As we shall see in Chapter 4, orbit studies are our most accurate eration . tool for studying gravitation. In a real situation, of course, the orbit of a satellite or planet does not depend only on the gravitational field of the body at the center of the orbit. A satellite circling the earth an altitude of a few hundred miles is beset by perturbing tugs from the moon, the sun, and all the other planets. at When we calculate the orbit of this satellite taking into ac- count all of these perturbations, we use not only the inversesquare law, but also the fact that the forces add according to the vector rule.

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