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By Chris Turner

Geared toward domestic metalworkers, engineers, hobbyists aero-engine developers, and aircraft fans, this consultant bargains directions on tips to construct a miniature aero-engine
Designing and construction a miniature aero-engine is a thrilling and worthwhile job. no matter if a qualified engineer or an novice trying to construct an engine to fly your version plane, this booklet will adequately consultant you thru the entire phases of designing and developing an aero-engine at domestic. With useful recommendation and precise diagrams all through, the publication contains details at the laptop instruments, fabrics, and add-ons required, and info on designing the engine, together with a spotlight on percentage, valve timing, and engine balancing. there's additionally info at the manufacture of carburetors, meeting, and developing, in addition to easy methods to select an airplane for a home-designed miniature engine.

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Hammers Hammers are very useful tools in the right hands; the model engine maker will use them most frequently to apply judicious blows to pin punches, centre punches, and parts reluctant to slide by hand. Much skill may be exercised in directing a measured tap in the right place, and in the lathe the use of a hide mallet in order to ‘true up’ a piece of raw material prior to final tightening of the chuck can become a very useful skill. Most useful are ball pein hammers, particularly small ones for delivering a sharp but accurate tap exactly where it is needed and the ‘ball pein’ part is essential if riveting parts together.

1-36: Nylon motor mounts. Tufnol (Phenolic Resin-Based Fabric) ‘Tufnol’ is light and tough, as the name suggests. It is useful for housings, spacers, washers and electrical insulation parts, resilient gears, and many areas where only a medium- or low-strength material is required. It machines well, and may be threaded, drilled and tapped for attachment screws and suchlike. It makes a useful experimental material because it is so quickly and easily machined, thus giving the modeller a fast means of ‘trying out’ a new shape.

A guide to help the modeller who may not be experienced in the grinding of tool bits is shown in Fig. 1-17. Fig. 1-17: Use of tool bits. As may be seen from the figure, tool bits are supplied with an angle at each end to facilitate further shaping. They come in standard inch sizes from 1⁄8in up to 1in, in increments of 1⁄8in. The most useful sizes for normal lathe work are 3⁄8, 1⁄2, 5⁄8, and 3⁄4inches. Much depends upon the size of the lathe and its tool post, and (if a tool holder is used) the size of the hole in the tool holder.

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