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By Jessica Mitford

“Decca” Mitford lived a larger-than-life lifestyles: born into the British aristocracy—one of the recognized (and occasionally notorious) Mitford sisters—she ran away to Spain through the Spanish Civil conflict along with her cousin Esmond Romilly, Winston Churchill’s nephew, then got here to the US, turned a tireless political activist and a member of the Communist celebration, and launched into a super occupation as a memoirist and muckraking journalist (her funeral-industry exposé, The American method of Death, turned an rapid classic). She used to be a celebrated wit, a charmer, and all through her lifestyles a prolific and passionate author of letters—now accrued here.

Decca’s correspondence crackles with irreverent humor and mischief, and with acute perception into human habit (and misbehavior) that attests to her beneficiant adventure of the worlds of politics, the humanities, journalism, publishing, and low and high society. here's correspondence with every body from Katharine Graham and George Jackson, Betty Friedan, omit Manners, Julie Andrews, Maya Angelou, Harry Truman, and Hillary Rodham Clinton to Decca’s sisters the Duchess of Devonshire and the novelist Nancy Mitford, her mom and dad, her husbands, her little ones, and her grandchildren.

In a profile of J.K. Rowling, The day-by-day Telegraph (UK), acknowledged, “Her favourite drink is gin and tonic, her least favourite nutrition, journey. Her heroine is Jessica Mitford.”

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