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A The big carnivore Spinosaurus had Stegosaurus spines up to 6 ft (2 m) long along its back. These were connected by skin, making the feature look like a sail. This sail may have helped Spinosaurus keep cool in the hot African climate, or simply been used for display—to attract a mate. Q What were Stegosaurus’s plates for? A The bony plates running along Stegosaurus’s back were almost certainly not weapons. Experts think they were covered in skin, making them quite soft, with blood vessels (veins) inside.

Six pairs of spikes—each of which was up to 2 ft (60 cm) in length—adorned its lower back and tail. Kentrosaurus would have used these spikes to fend off theropods, such as Allosaurus. Toothless beak Blunt nails Sturdy legs Therizinosaurus Q Which dinosaur had a thumb spike? A Iguanodon was a large herbivore without spines, plates, or claws. Its only defensive weapon was a single long spike on each thumb. Paleontologists believe this dinosaur may have jabbed at attacking theropods with the spike.

It is possible that, together with other dinosaurs, T. rex died out because the low temperatures made all hatchlings female. Q Which plant-eaters survived to the end? A The ankylosaurs were some Ankylosaurus of the last herbivorous dinosaurs. It is possible that smaller planteaters close to the spot where the asteroid hit escaped harm by burrowing into the ground. In the long term, these plant-eaters would have gone hungry because many plants were damaged or destroyed by the lack of light and heat.

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