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By Sophia L. Kalpazidou

This booklet provides an unique and systematic account of a category of stochastic procedures often called cycle (or circuit) methods, so referred to as simply because they're outlined via directed cycles. those approaches have distinct and demanding houses in the course of the interplay among the geometric homes of the trajectories and the algebraic characterization of the finite-dimensional distributions. a big software of this procedure is the hot perception it presents into Markovian dependence and electric networks. specifically, it offers a wholly new method of Markov tactics and endless electric networks, and their purposes in themes as assorted as random walks, ergodic concept, dynamical structures, strength thought, thought of matrices, algebraic topology, complexity concept, the type of Riemann surfaces, and operator theory.The writer surveys the 3 vital advancements in cycle conception: the cycle-decomposition formulation and its relation to the Markov strategy; entropy creation and the way it can be used to degree how a ways a strategy is from being reversible; and the way a finite recurrent stochastic matrix could be outlined by way of a rotation of the circle and a partition whose components include finite unions of circle-arcs. The cycle representations were complex after the ebook of the 1st variation to many instructions, which demonstrate wide-ranging interpretations like homologic decompositions, orthogonality equations, Fourier sequence, semigroup equations, disintegration of measures, etc. the flexibility of those interpretations is for that reason stimulated by means of the life of algebraic-topological rules within the basics of the cycle representations,which elaborates the normal view at the Markovian modelling to new intuitive and positive techniques.

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The converse, which is much deeper, is given by the well-known existence theorem of Kolmogorov and establishes a basic relationship between nonnegative matrices and Markov chains. The reader may find a comparative study of nonnegative matrices and Markov chains in E. Seneta (1981). 1, that is, their finite-dimensional distributions are completely determined by collections of weighted directed circuits. This will then motivate the definition and the general study of the Markovian dependence in terms of collections (C, wc ) of directed circuits and weights, which in turn leads to a link between nonnegative matrices and (C, wc ).

11). 5) we first show that s N (j1 , j1 /i1 , . . ,jr · N (j2 , j2 /i1 , . . , is , j1 )N (j3 , j3 /i1 , . . , is , j1 , j2 ) . . · N (jr , jr /i1 , . . , is , j1 , . . 13) where j1 ∈ / {i1 , . . , is } is fixed and the inner sum is taken over all distinct j2 , . . , jr ∈ / {i1 , . . , is , j1 }. Let p(i, j/H/n) be the taboo probability p(i, j/H/n) = Prob(ξn = j, ξm ∈ / H for 1 ≤ m < n/ξ0 = i). 2 The Circulation Distribution of a Markov Chain 35 For k, j2 , j3 , . . , jr fixed, the sum over n1 , .

W. Knapp (1976), F. Kelly (1979), D. M. Liggett (1982), T. G. L. Snell (1984), and others. Recent valuable contributions to stochastics on networks are due to Y. Derriennic (1973–1993), Y. Guivarc’h (1980a, b, 1984), W. A. Picardello et al. M. Soardi (1990, 1994a, b), L. DeMichele et al. (1990), and others. H. H. H. Zemanian and P. Subramanian (1983)). An infinite resistive network is a pair consisting of an unoriented connected infinite graph and a nonnegative function defined on the set of edges.

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