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By Paul Krugman

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Monetary Policy in the Euro Area: Strategy and Decision-Making at the European Central Bank

How and for whose gain the eu primary financial institution (ECB) will paintings is among the most vital matters dealing with Europe, and has been the topic of monstrous media and educational curiosity. a lot of this dialogue has been of an more and more emotional and political nature and has served to blur instead of tell.

Gold And The Gold Standard: The Story Of Gold Money Past, Present And Future

Gold and the most fulfilling: the tale of Gold funds, prior, current, and destiny is Edwin Walter Kemmerer's significant treatise. one of many twentieth century's unsung heroes, Kemmerer used to be an economics professor at Princeton and was once a sought-after "money health care professional" within the interwar interval, aiding nations identify and preserve robust currencies among 1923 and 1933.

Banking Crises: Perspectives from The New Palgrave Dictionary

Why do banks cave in? Are monetary structures extra fragile in fresh many years? Can regulations to mend the banking method do extra damage than reliable? what is the historical past of banking crises? With dozens of short, non-technical articles via economists and different researchers, Banking Crises bargains solutions from various scholarly viewpoints.

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