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By Willem B. Drees

The place will we come from? the place are we going? those are basic questions, which the human race has requested itself for centuries.
Presenting a quick and available evaluate of latest clinical proposal, Creation is an resourceful and poetic exploration of the origins of the universe. WIllem Drees assesses the non secular and philosophical impression of medical theories of evolution and the wildlife, and examines the altering dating among us and our planet.

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Scene 7. Humanity 45 Social behaviour towards children, nephews and nieces is evolutionary intelligible as a form of genetic ‘self-interest’ (and thus not fully deserving the epithet ‘moral’). Genes that promote social behaviour in the family promote the spread of copies of themselves in the next generation. Support of one’s partner is also evolutionary intelligible, since the shared investment in children results in common interests. For beings with a reasonable memory, helping one’s neighbour is also evolutionary intelligible.

Such a cumulative history thus marks the transition from a world of cause and effect to one of purposes, a world of physics and chemistry to a world that also needs biology to be understood. Evolution generates purpose, but does so through a long sequence of chance events. Scene 6 Luck Poison became a gift, oxygen a protective robe. Billions of years later cells merge, sex and aging, death and deception. A rare slow lungfish slithered through the grass; thus came amphibians to pass. Successful life a disaster, gone another tide.

Trees try to capture as much light as Scene 5. ) A rabbit has eyes on the side because this allows her to see early any predators approaching. Why-questions can properly be asked when we have to do with life that is a product of history. Organs have a purpose; they serve an important function and developed in the way they did since similar organs fulfilled that function reasonably well in previous generations. Purposiveness in individual organisms arose through non-purposive evolution, by history in which information was passed on from generation to generation.

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