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By Barbara Ann Bushman; American College of Sports Medicine

Compiles key details at the significant components of workout, health, and well-being; presents the courses, rules, and instructions for secure and effective effects; and gives actions and courses for every age and health levels.

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Пройдя испытания в кабинетах физеотерапии, ролики из пены шагнули в фитнес залы. Наибольший восторг они вызвали у Описание: Пройдя испытания в кабинетах физиотерапии, ролики (цилиндры, полуцилиндры) из пены шагнули в фитнес залы. Наибольший восторг они вызвали у преподавателей и любителей пилатеса! С помощью этого нехитрого приспособления вы получаете дополнительные возможности для проработки корсетных мышц, повышения гибкости, снятия посттренировочного напряжения, восстановления после травмы.

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Skill-related physical fitness is indeed important, but is generally related to sports. For example, a coach may want to assess the agility and speed of his soccer players. This chapter provides health-related physical fitness assessments, including those for heart rate, body composition, cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular fitness, and flexibility. The equipment needed for these tests is minimal, and you do not have to perform them all in one day. 1 When you check your progress after a couple of months, test yourself just as you did during your initial assessment.

15–16 in. 13–14 in. 12 in. or lower Females 18 –25 26–35 36–45 Well above average Above average Average Below average Well below average 24 in. or higher 21–23 in. 19–20 in. 17–18 in 16 in. or lower 23 in. or higher 20–22 in. 19–20 in. 16–18 in. 15 in. or lower 22 in. or higher 19–21 in. 17–18 in. 15–16 in. 14 in. or lower 19 in. or higher 15–18 in. 13–14 in. 10–12 in. 9 in. or lower Age 46–55 21 in. or higher 18–20 in. 16–17 in. 14–15 in. 13 in. or lower 56–65 66 and older 17 in. or higher 13–16 in.

It includes a transmitter (worn around the chest) that electronically communicates with a receiver that looks like a wristwatch, where the heart rate is displayed in beats per minute. , programmable heart rate zones, memory features to download to a computer after a workout, time-keeping functions). The simplest models that display only heart rate typically cost around $25. They are very durable and allow for easy checks of your heart rate during exercise. Assessing Body Composition Many of the body composition assessment techniques available require special equipment and training.

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